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We have successfully signed a deal with a distribution company and GRIPPED will be hitting streaming platforms August 2020!

Independent film is like an alpine climbing adventure. SO many false summits, only to find you way off-route and impending bad weather threatening to shut you down along the way. Digging deep to keep climbing through adverse conditions with the dream of standing on the summit with your mates!!!  Well we finally did that with GRIPPED.  Even though it took 5 years to get to the summit, we are stoked we are here now and hope that the public will enjoy the rock climbing masterpiece of EPICNESS!! check the link for streaming platforms and please share with friends... OH yeah and keep the comments coming... You would not believe the emails and slander this film has been getting on the climbing forums. No such thing as bad press, please keep it coming!


Gripped is a feature length rock climbing survival epic that takes place on the side of a 1000ft cliff. Set high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, Gripped follows the story of Rose, a gym climber from Los Angeles who falls for Bret, a rugged outdoorsman who gets the two in over their heads when they embark on the famous rock climbing route called "Killer Pillar”. Bret takes a huge fall and suffers a serious head injury and torn shoulder. With no way to retreat off the cliff, Rose is forced to take the lead and finish the 1000ft of climbing to the summit. However, Rose has very little experience with high alpine traditional climbing and when night falls and they are forced to bivouac on the side of the cliff. After a long night on the ledge and a potential storm approaching, it’s “climb or die” for Rose and its gonna take everything in her power to gain the summit successfully. 

"It's not the mountains we conquer - but ourselves"

- Edmund Hillary

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